Circular economy solutions.

Utilizing mineral side streams in manufacturing of for example concrete, mortars and cementitious adhesives.


Productizing mineral side streams

We provide product development and technology solutions to increase potential applications and value of mineral side streams. Our patented method can be used to process side streams, and the resulting end products can be used according to recipes we have developed, for example to replace cement as a binder. Our own laboratory enables agile product development and testing in accordance with concrete, mortar and cementitious adhesive standards.

Raw materials

We use mineral side streams, that have often been classified as waste, as raw materials.

Product development

In product development, we look for applicable side streams and required processing in order to meet customer demands for the end product.

Technology solutions

We have developed and patented technology solutions that increase potential applications for  side streams by adding value.


Solutions provider in circular economy

Our objective is to provide solutions that enable productization of mineral side streams in a cost- and energy-efficient way. This reduces the amount of waste, the use of natural resources, and emissions especially when replacing cement. The ability to combine side stream processing technology in production scale and our decades long experience in concrete, mortar and cementitious adhesive industry are our main strenghts.


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